Child Labor Issues and Challenges

Child labor is a thing which is currently witnessed in the country nowadays. Children sitting beside traffic are subjected to violence as well as abuse and violations in human rights. Some also force to break the laws and regulations.

Child Labor Issues

The threat of sexual exploitation looms largely, whilst the boys maybe exploited by groups as well as armed forces. The thing belongs to education as well as which leads to physical, mental and growth in social life.

Different activities unlike helping children to develop as well as contribute to light housework or take the job during the holidays of school ,limit the access to education in child labor as well as harm the growth of the child and his physical social and mental growth and nourishment. For girls especially the triple burden for schools as well as household chores and work increases the risk of lacking behind as well as make them vulnerable to prohibition as well as poverty.

UNICEF Role Against Child Labor

Work is done by UNICEF in order to respond and prevent the child labor activities especially through making the social service workforce strong and amazing. Workers often in social service plays a key role in the prevention as well as recognizing and managing risks which lead to child labor activities.

Child labor is a serious crime and strict action should be taken on behalf of it so that the risk should be minimized and that people avoid on putting their children in these kinds of activities and in order to have a peace prevailing in this world and to have a peaceful life. It’s no use to put your children in child labor activities as well as social protection cells should be built for the children involved in the child labor activities to save them from these sorts of work infect give them quality education and build their future.

Efforts are developed as well as support the workforce to respond as well as identify to different potential situations of child labor through case managerial as well as social services protection as well as interim rehabilitation of services. Also the parenting should be strengthen  as well as community education initiatives should be made in order  to address the social as well as harmful norms should be eliminated which destroy the child labor activities as well as should partner with local and the national governments in order to prevent violence as well as abuse and exploitation activities.

With collaboration with the international labor organization, the data is collected which makes the child labor visible to all the decision makers in general Efforts usually complement our work in order to strengthen the birth registration systems as well as make ensured that all children possess birth certificates to prove that they are under the legal age of framework to do work and perform activities. Different children who are removed from labor must also be removed from school safely as well as return to school for training purposes.

Support is conducted by UNICEF in order to provide high quality education as well as socials services which are dealt comprehensively to keep the children protected and along with their facilities and also tell their families to avoid involving their children in these kinds of activities. Which helm the future of the children?  In order to avoid the child trafficking problem, we work and collaborate with partners of the United Nations and the European Union on  initiatives  reach the 13 countries almost across Latin America as well as Eastern Europe and Africa.

CO Vid 19 & Child Labor

Microsoft launch as well as the UNICEF and the scalable technology protect and promote the vulnerable children as well as women in amid rise of domestic as well as violence based upon gender biases in CO VID 19 pandemic and especially make the children aware of the CO VOD 19 disease and give them preventive measures against them to fight from this disease and ask them to wear masks for as long as possible.

Avoid going to places where masks are not wore by people and maintain social distancing it is highly applicable tor children who are weak and are not supported by parents  and are involved in child labor. Also parent should be given awareness to send their children schools and avoid sending them to earn some money and do filthy activities and destroying their children future.

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