Headache Treatment with Home Remedies

Headache Treatment

Headache is big problem that every one faces now days. Well headache is not actually pain in our brain. When your other body parts hurt it tells you but head don’t feel pain itself.

Mostly headaches happen in to your muscles or blood vessels that come into your head and neck. It swells or tightens the nerves and put pressure. These nerves tell the brain about pain and it brings on headache.  There is many type of headache but most common type of headache is tension. Now a day’s everyone have different types of tension. Mostly tension headaches happened when stresses on head or neck muscles squeeze too hard.

Main causes of Headache

  • Over stress
  • Loud music
  • Tv, mobile and computer
  • Lack of sleep , late night watching movies
  • Vision problems, eye sight weak
  • Excess use of taking tea or caffeine
  • Taking junk food every time
  • Skipping meals or dieting
  • Hormonal changes

There are many other reason but these are common.  This is very common to have headache. When you have this situation you don’t want to do anything.

Following are some home treatment that works:

Drinking Water

The first thing is to drink a lot of water to get rid of headache. This remedy works because dehydration is most common cause of headache. When you drink a lot of water it hydrates your body and you feel less pain.

Use of Caffeine

Take some tea or coffee, it will ease your pain. Don’t drink too much caffeine.

Take some ginger

Studies tell that ginger is good for health. It helps you to get rid of pain in head or migraine. Make ginger tea and drink to relief your pain.

Try cold pack.

If you have much pain in head try cold pack or ice cubes on your head. You can use cold vegetables or any freeze items to ease the pain. Try this after 15 minutes or take break.

Massage on your scalp

Try massaging on your head with any oil like coconut oil, almond oil or any essential oil. Massage gently for 10 to 15 minutes to ease the pain.


Researches proved that exercise is very important for your health. So yoga is very effective for headache. Breathing techniques helps you to get of pain in head. Try to do stretching jaws and stretching towards shoulders. It will help to relief pain.

Dim Lights

Some people have headache due to light such as computer light or room light. Try to dim your room light or cover your window with curtains. Use sun glasses when you go outside.

If above remedies don’t work use medicine to avoid the risk. Use panadol or aspirin but not under 18. It wills relief the pain.

Visit to doctor if these medicines do not work.   Some headache cannot be cure at home with home remedies. So visit the doctor immediately.

Hope above mentioned home remedies helps you to get rid headache.

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