Most Popular Social Media Platform in 2020

Internet makes this world as a global village. This century brings much revolution in technology and internet. We can connect with world in one click.

We concerned with social media in all matters. If we need any recipe for food, we search from Google or you tube. Social media plateform is now main and important part of our lives. All online and offline business marketing is on social media network. Earning and learning is possible with social media plate forms.


On social media platform you can find your target customers easily. The latest statistics shows that face book is king of social media platform. 3.81 users are active on face book. It is the most popular platform in 2020. Users spend most of their time on face book as compared to other social media platforms. Users are active 58 minutes per day on face book. E commerce is done on this network.

You Tube

The second on the list of popular social media platform is you tube in 2020. It has two billion active users. 500 hours of video are uploaded on you tube in every minute. One billion hours of video are watched daily. People run their channels on this platform. You tube is big source of earning. You can earn and learn from this social media network.

WhatsApp & Face book Messenger

The third and forth social media platform in 2020 is WhatsApp and face book messenger. WhatsApp have 2 billion and face book messenger has 1.3 billion users. People spent most of their time on these networks.

Tik Tok

Tik tok is become popular social media platform in 2020. Here are many active users and people spent most of their time on this social media platform. It is popular all over the world.

All other platforms, Instagram, LinkedIn and we chat are also popular. Its active users are less than other platforms.

These statistics shows that face book is highly used in 2020. It is on number 1 ranking due to its active users. Most business marketing is done on this platform.


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