Top Home Remedies For Dandruff and Hair Fall

Dandruff is common problem in winter that faces by all of us. The air is dry and it dry moisturize during winter season. 

This dryness on the scalp becomes white flaky which welcome the dandruff. These dry air sucks out all moisturize from your scalp and your hair fall. Our hair and scalp needs extra care in winter to avoid these problems. Most skin expert’s believes that dandruff is actually fungal infection. Hair fall is common in winter and summer. The best thing is that we can treat hair fall and dandruff naturally.

Treatment for dandruff & hair Fall

Green tea

The things you need is green tea, essential oil and white vinegar. Take a bowl and put 1green tea pack. Mix 2 to 3 drops of essential oil and left this mixture for some time. Add 1 tea spoon of white vinegar. After that wet your hair with water and pour the green tea rinse it. Massage this on scalp for some time. Wash your hair with shampoo. Do it before bath.

Neem Leaves

Control your dandruff with neem leaves. Take some neem leaves in 4 to 5 cup of water. Boil this water and stay it over night. Next day strain the liquid and use it on your hairs. Sit 1 hour and wash it off. You can do it before bath. If your dandruff is due to fungus, it helps you to get rid of this problem.

Try Aspirin

Take 2 tablets of aspirin. Crush these aspirin tablets and mix this powder in your regular shampoo. Mix it well and stay it on your hairs for 5 minutes. Wash your hairs and see the result. The dandruff will go soon.

Massage with oil

Massage your scalp with coconut, olive or mustard oil. It moisturizes your scalp and fewer chances of hair fall and dandruff. Always use oiling before bath.

Lemon juice

Mix 1 table spoon of lemon juice into 1 cup of water and rinse your hair with it. Repeat this procedure daily until your dandruff and hair fall gone.

Hope these remedies will work.

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